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Added stress

Updated the progress checker with a bar chart showing how much we have to do/total progress. Basically a count of all statuses for all assets:

Green = ApprovedYellow = Work in progress (not approved or unstarted)Red = Unstarted

New Progress checker for the team!

Previously I created a online spreadsheet to mark and manage progress we are making with the assets in our group project. It was done in the online excel app, simple but was lacking a few things. Meet the Progress Checker V2, done in Google Spreadsheet App which additionally allowed editing of:

Comments, collaboration between team members. Wasn't able to do so in the online excel app although supported (WATDSITOEAAS)Freeze panes, viewing the headers of the table while whizzing around the vast list of assets, again WATDSITOEAAS Also added extra sections for marking who's done and doing what so we don't unnecessarily duplicate on work. A manual is also made so people are aware of the new changes. All this was done in 1 night.

Notes on modelling and texturing for games

The number of vertices in a model NOT to be more that the number of screen pixels that the model will ever be viewed atThe resolution of the texture follows about the same lines (NOT to be more that the number of screen pixels that the model will ever be viewed at) Only found out during group project meeting with our supervisor. Lots of models have been done before that, but lots will be done since.

Tidying up and UV unwrapping

Time to tidy up more models done by others then UV unwrap them, add collision box and scale it according to our scene. Spotted a couple of invisible/needless faces along the way, deleting them so UV unwrapping and texturing will go more smoothly. Going to try do as little modification as possible so I can do as much as I can in the limited time left.