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More scripts! Move and rotate camera to face a face

Sometimes when I UV, I really wished there is an option to move the camera so it is perpendicularly pointing at the face I'm unwrapping, while centred at the face's centre.

This will help when UV planar project from the axis does not yield and fiddling around trying to get the camera perfect sucks.

Unfortunately there don't seem to be there by default, so after a day of planning and scripting, here it is!

Have to revert to A Level maths mechanics about the centre of mass of a lamina and a spreadsheet to plan and check the values before I started scripting, but it's done!

All you have to do is:

Select a faceEdit 1 word of the script to the name of the camera you want to moveRun the whole script Few flaws though: You will have to dolly out to view the face The viewFit command (hotkey f) sometimes messes up the face centringI haven't got around to implementing something that translates the camera's local z until the face is fully in viewOrthographic cameras might h…

Lightmapping in Maya

Time for lightmapping the pesky meshes. The guides I'm going for are:

128 maps for the bigger environmental pieces64 maps for the bigger props, maybe 128 in some32 maps for the tiny propsNew set of UV for light map, copying from original texture UV then cutting them up more2 to 3 pixel padding or spacing between each UV island, I'll go into more detail on how I do this automatically laterIf neighbouring faces is angled around 60 degrees or more, the UV edge between the faces will be splitAll islands fit in the UV space from 0 to 1 in U and V axis

Little export scripts

Been pumping up on my little exporting script and UI, think it is ready to be labelled version 1.
It exports the meshes as OBJ or FBX, but pimped a bit more. Currently living in my custom shelf alongside the hot key assignment script for my custom ROCCAT Power Grid layout for Maya.
Also occasionally using Charcoal Editor for writing scripts, more bulletproof colour labelling for codes and results, generally cool but it's a demo version so I don't have access to all the goodies.

Now a little about the script:
Red background, so it doesn't disappear into the dullness that is the normal Maya colour schemeWritten for windows in mind, the file management and stuff. Could write more foe linux and mac but... got other work to doAlso currently pretty picky with folder names and setup i.e. predefined FBX and OBJ folder names as suited to the ones on our current Dropbox folderWill refuse to do things if it is not in an environment it likes e.g. won't display folders etc.


Ah, new model, but...

Got a new model from a team member yesterday, first model from him! Checked it out and looks good at first, nice details on the doors but then, under more scrutiny, I realised it might be unfinished as he did not state the situation on it. I sent him an email to check too, no replies as of yet.

There is a mixture of highly detailed mesh, the door, alongside very primitive and simply composed meshes, e.g. doorknob and the pillars next to the doors. Also, it is massive compared to the scene that this asset will be in.

If it is the finished asset, looks like I got a bit of work to do. Including UV unwrapping


New blog is up, gonna post all the random stuff that I am working on, whether it be uni, hobby or random derps