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MasUp, 1: The essay

Over Christmas holidays, I've written an essay looking at the arguments around whether nowadays films that utilising digital visual effects have a goal to wow the audience through amazing images, the spectacle, or try to tell a story, a successful narrative.

Though at first thought, it seems like most are, blowing the audiences eyeballs into a fantasy dimension where anything is possible. However I also tried to argue against that, discussing how the effects and spectacular images still served the narrative or the film, to have an emotional impact that drives the film through the many phases of the story it is trying to tell. One could argue that the stories are bollocks nowadays and lack depth and strength, an argument also presented in my essay. To that, I do kind of agree, for example in Pacific Rim, I argued that the director did not intend on telling a magnificent story, but rather try to convey and highlight other values e.g. the bonds between father and son, humanity worki…

MasUp: Massive Updates

Haven't blogged my work in a long time due to assignment work and procrastination. Now that I have finally got around to it, the next few posts will be of the things that happened between the previous post and this one. I'll try keep it in chronological order, but no promises, here we go...